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Our union ensures that we have the right to workplace democracy, but we know that our working conditions are created both inside and outside the workplace, which is why it’s crucial for us to pay attention to, learn about, and participate in the politics around us. 

In 2024 we’re fighting for fair taxation of the wealthy, public services remaining public, safe-staffing standards and healthcare cost transparency, more affordable housing, and expanded family leave. You can read our full breakdown of NJ legislative priorities here. 

2024 is a big year for statewide and national elections, and we must do all we can to elect the candidates that will put working families first. 

The voter registration deadline for New Jersey’s upcoming primary elections is May 14th, 2024, and is always 21 days prior to an election. To register to vote, you can fill out an online voter registration application. It is available in English, Spanish, Korean, and Gujarati. You can also submit a paper application by downloading the form that corresponds to your county, filling it out, and mailing it to your County Commissioner of Registration or Superintendent of Elections. Use this link to locate and download your paper application. 

You may also vote-by-mail by submitting a vote-by-mail application to your County Clerk. Use this link to locate and download your vote-by-mail application, and to watch a tutorial on how to vote-by-mail once your application is accepted. 

If you are unsure whether you’re registered to vote, you can find out by using the NJ Division of Elections’ “Voter Search” tool. 

We will be posting early voting information on this page, so please check back in the coming months to find your early voting location and dates.

We’re also going to need your help to Get Out the Vote for candidates who support us. GOTV sign-up sheets will be posted here as we near election dates.