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2021 Member Student Loan Assistance Awards Announced

07 Dec, 2021

Local 1036 has awarded student loan assistance 'scholarships' to thirty six - 36! - well-deserving members. The selected recipients of the awards will receive $1,500 to defray the cost of their student loans.

Congratulations to all and thank you for putting your education to work for the people of New Jersey. 

Nicole Kalaigian (Kozlowski) – DEP

Wayne Balfour – DHS

Vivian Harris – DHS

Emily Perez – DEP

Michael Sheehan – DEP

Melissa Francis – DHS

Concetta LaPergola – Judiciary

Chelsea Bracy – BurlCo Library

Carrie Freeman-Wright – Ag

Sandra Gomez – Judiciary – Morris Co.

Kristin Jezycki – DEP

Megan Kelly – DEP

Colleen Oropeza – DEP

Tiffany Staton – DOH

Scott Stueber – DEP

Sarah Torres – DOH

Marissa Waldron – Ag

Dylan Zaliwski - DEP

Kathleen Burkhard – DEP

Joe Power – DEP

Jill Logan – Ag

LeShawn Hester West – DOH

Heather Cummings – Judiciary

Amy Martin – Ag

Elizabeth Conte – DHS – DMHAS

Francine Zaccone – Judiciary

Michael Carpinona – DOH

Emilie Snyder – DEP

Jonathan Hanuschik – DEP

Michele Acconzo – DOH

Jessica Shields – DOH

Michelle Hughes – DEP

Lorna Beaumont – DOH

Erin Jensen – DEP

Jennifer Long – DOH

Michelle Feasel – DEP

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