Communications Workers of America

How to Cast Your ...

Elections are choices. Choices about our future, our healthcare, our paychecks, and our rights. Don't take it for granted and don't sit this out. 

Bad things happen when union members don't vote. 

Track Your Ballot

If you return your ballot before Nov. 3rd, you can track it online to ensure it was processed. 

Use the NJ Track My Ballot website to check the status of your ballot. Note you may need to create a Voter Record Account first. 

Note, it may take 1 week to update the tracking website if you drop if off at a Drop Box or Board of Elections. It may take 2 weeks to update the tracking website if you return it by US mail. 

Return Your Ballot by US Mail

If you are returning your ballot by mail, we strongly advise you to send it back as soon as possible. There will be a higher volume of election mail as we get closer to Nov. 3rd. As long as your ballot is post marked by Nov. 3rd and received at the Board of Elections by Nov. 10, your vote will be counted. 

But why risk it? Send your ballot back as soon as possible or deliver it to a drop box or to the Board of Elections in person if you can. 

Drop Off at a Secure Drop Box

There are multiple secure drop boxes where you can drop off your ballot. These are under 24/7 surveillance and ballots are collected at the end of every day by the Board of Elections. Dropping off your ballot is safe and secure. 

If you are delivering ballots for anyone else, you are limited to delivering only 3 ballots. If you try to drop off more than 3 ballots, you risk prosecution and having ballots invalidated. 

Deliver to the Board of Elections

You can drop off your ballot in person at the County Board of Elections. 

Check ahead for extended hours at the Board of Elections and make sure you return your ballot no later than 8PM on Nov. 3rd. 

Vote in Person on Election Day

If you are planning to vote in person on Election Day, November 3rd, be aware that there is only 1 polling place per municipality. 

Leave yourself extra time to vote if you are doing so in person. Voting will be on paper ballots - there are no voting machines this election.