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Grievances, Disciplinary Appeals, Mediation and Arbitration.

Desk Audits and oher Civil Service issues

Assistance with Discrimination Complaints

Contract Negotiations

Participation and Engagement

Contract Negotiations Surveys and Decisions

Vote on Contract Agreements

Vote in Local Union Elections, Local Budget, and other Union Decisions


Educational Scholarships for Members and their Families

Mortgage Assistance Program through UnionPlus

Legal Services, Disability Insurance, and other Members-Only programs

Building Union Power through Membership

Legislative Advocacy on healthcare, pension benefits, workplace rights

Increasing worker power

Better wages, better benefits, stronger influence over the future of your contract





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NJ State Executive Branch


County or Municipal Government

JCAU Support Staff and Support Staff Supervisors

NJ Judiciary - PNCR

Professional NonCase Related Unit

NJ Judiciary - JCAU

JCAU Support Staff and Support Staff Supervisors

CWA Local 1036 protects our rights and advocates or better benefits and working conditions
  • Negotiates contracts, including salary, leave time, and other workplace policies
  • Enforces our contract through grievances, legal challenges, representation in disputes with the employer
  • Provides legislative advocacy on issues that affect our pensions, benefits, workplace health and safety, property taxes, and funding for public services.
  • Assists members with family leave issues, civil service appeals, counseling and professional development
  • Promotes universal workers' rights, such as paid sick leave, paid family leave, and minimum wage