Who We Represent


Diverse Membership is Our Strength.

CWA LOCAL 1036 is a diverse local union of 7,800 members representing a range of public and private sector workers and their families.

Regardless of your work environment or industry, Local 1036 can help you bring union protection to your workplace so you can advocate for better benefits and wages.

Contact us for more information about organizing a union in your workplace.

Nationally, the Communications Workers of America represents over 500,000 union members across the country in the communications, media, healthcare and government sectors.

Our membership includes blue collar workers, office workers, attorneys, scientists, health care and nursing home staff, social workers, 911 dispatchers, building inspectors, hazmat responders, and others.

NJ State Executive Branch

NJ Dept of Agriculture

NJ Dept of Environmental Protection

NJ Dept of Health

NJ Dept of Human Services

NJ State Judiciary

Professional NonCase Related unit

JCAU Support Staff unit

JCAU Support Staff Supervisors unit

Local Government units

Burlington County

Hunterdon County

Many municipal government units in Burlington, Mercer, Bergen, Cape May and Atlantic Counties

Certain County Prosecutor's Office

City of Newark, DE

Private Sector Units

Aspen Hills and Buttonwood Behavioral