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NJ State Executive Branch


(Contract in effect 7/1/2019 - 6/30/2023)


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Full Text of the new 2020-2024 Contracts will be posted in early 2021. 


NJ State Members - Vote Union in the PERS Board of Trustees Election

Vote for CAREY BROWN for PERS Board of Trustees

All State Employees are receiving paper ballots via regular mail for the PERS Board of Trustees election happening RIGHT NOW. The election ends May 28.

Please check your home mail for a paper ballot from your employer or State Treasury. This paper ballot contains your voter ID and PIN needed to cast your vote online.  

CWA Local 1036 asks our members to re-elect our Union Brother

CAREY BROWN as a PERS Board Trustee.

Cary Brown has faithfully served as our representative to the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) for the past six years. State worker retirement security has always been and will continue to be his No. 1 priority.

As a caseworker in Social Services or an investigator with the Division of Taxation, where he was a shop steward for CWA Local 1080 and Local 1037, respectively, or in his current position of lecturer at Kean University and proud member of Kean Federation of Teachers/AFT 2187, Cary Brown has been a vocal advocate for public employees.

The money we have invested in the Public Employees’ Retirement System will give us a comfortable lifestyle after we finish our service to New Jersey … if the Board of Trustees continues to act in our best financial interests.

In other words, our retirement security is at stake.

That’s why it’s important to re-elect a Trustee who has always put his fellow workers first.

That’s why it’s important to re-elect a rank-and-file union brother who watches out for union members and our hard-earned pensions.

That’s why it’s important to vote to re-elect Carey Brown.

Our union has endorsed Carey Brown for PERS Trustee because he has been a watchdog on our behalf for six years, and because he will continue to ensure that state pension funds are managed wisely if we re-elect him.

On or after March 29, we will receive our PERS ballots at work. Voting by mail, by phone or online starts the minute we get our ballots and ends May 28.

Carey Brown is our union’s choice for PERS Trustee.



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