Here is the latest update and ACTION ALERT for the State Budget situation. A shut down on July 1 seems more and more likely as time goes on. The Legislature’s last scheduled session day is this Thursday, June 28th.


The budget passed by the Legislature last week is out of balance. It overestimates revenue and cost-cutting that will definitely result in a midyear budget shortfall … which will put our pension payment and public services at risk.   


1. RIGHT NOW! Call your Legislators at 609-400-4763. These calls are really, really important! Legislators have reported receiving thousands of calls and it is the best way to communicate our message. The Legislature and Governor need to reach a compromise and finalize a budget this week. We cannot have a shutdown.


Please call your Legislator and tell them:


The current budget the Legislature has passed will lead to cuts and layoffs and more credit downgrades.  A compromise must be reached with the Governor that includes a Millionaires tax which is supported by 70% of New Jersey.


2. Monday, June 25th - Governor Murphy is holding a statewide Town Hall call Monday night at 7p.m. You can join by calling 609-246-3298 at 7 p.m.


3. Tuesday, June 26th - CWA Town Hall Call.  You can join the call by dialing 888-409-5380 so you can hear a budget update from CWA leadership. We have a special guest on our CWA call - Gov. Murphy.  


4. Thursday, June 28th - Mobilization at State House starting at 10am. We need hundreds of members there. This is the last day the Legislature may vote on a revised budget proposal, so we need maximum pressure on Thursday.



Here is what is going on:


The New Jersey Legislature has passed a budget that the Governor will not sign because it relies on an overstatement of revenues and savings and it will not pay for the budget priorities that both the Governor and the Legislature have agreed upon, including increased education funding, increased funding for public transportation, a significant pension payment, and funds for other important priorities such as property tax relief and services that have been cut under Chris Christie.  


The Legislative Budget assumes that there is $1 billion in new revenue from a Corporate Business Tax (that will sunset in two years) when the Governor and the Treasurer say that it will bring in far less than that. Not only that, the Legislative Budget leaves a gaping loophole - it does not require that multi-state business "combine" their reporting, which will allow such business to claim their profits in a state with a lower Corporate Business Tax, thus defeating the purpose of raising the CBT in the first place.


The Leadership of the Legislature and the Governor appear to be at impasse and we are a few short days from one of two terrible results. Either the Governor must cut hundreds of  millions from the spending side of the Legislature's budget because they haven't passed the revenue for that spending, or there will be  a possible shut down of Government - an action that will close government services and result in the lockout of tens of thousands of workers.



Salary Charts

Members can use these salary charts to look up your salary, map out retroactive pay, and chart your salary after increases in 2017 and 2018.

Salary Chart - effective June 30, 2015 through August 14, 2017

Salary Chart - effective August 15, 2017 through June 30, 2018

Salary Chart - effective July 1, 2018


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Health Benefits Employee Contribution Chart

CWA members approved the new State Executive Branch Contract by a wide margin. 

This is a huge victory for CWA members who worked three long years to secure a better contract, enforce our prior contract language, and reach a fair agreement with the State. 

Contract implementation and payroll issues will be discussed in the coming weeks at work site meetings and membership updates. 

We thank every member who voted. We thank every Steward who helped inform members, worked at the polling locations, and brought new members into the Union. And we thank every member in advance for staying strong and staying motivated as we prepare for bargaining the next contract.  

Over 70% of members voted.

Below are complete results compiled from all Locals. 


Administrative-Clerical Unit

YES 99.6%
NO 0.4%




Professional Unit

YES 99.7%
NO 0.3%




Primary Level Supervisors Unit

YES 99.4%
NO 0.6%




Higher Level Supervisors Unit

YES 99.6%
NO 0.4%




(View/Download the Summary of the Tentative Agreement) [PDF]

Local 1036 is holding several informational meetings about the Tentative Agreement, including explanation, Q&A, and discussion of voting procedures. 


Summary of the Tentative Agreement (PDF)

Download/View a Summary of the Tentative Agreement

The Summary of the TA describes the negotiated changes that will take effect if the TA is approved by membership. Please read this Summary carefully before voting. Bring your questions to worksite meetings this week and to the polling place on voting day in your building. 


Voting Information

Voting will be open Wednesday, April 25 through Monday, April 30. Trenton-area offices will have set voting days and times in the worksite. Field offices and members who request absentee ballots will be given specific instructions to cast their votes online. 

Full voting information and instructions will be posted on this website on Friday, April 20th, so check back for updates. 

Voting information will be discussed in worksite meetings on 4/19 through 4-24 (see below). 


Worksite Meeting Schedule

Below is the worksite meeting schedule to discuss contract ratification and the TA. 



Tuesday, April 24

401 E. State Street from 12pm to 4pm in Public Hearing Room, 1st floor

* Open to ALL DEP workers and Agriculture at Station Plaza



Thursday 4/19

DOH Main Bldg

11am - 12pm



Friday 4/20

135 E. State



Thursday 4/19

NJN Bldg

12:30pm - 1:30pm  

Friday 4/20

5 Commerce Way

4pm - 5pm

Thursday 4/19


3pm - 4pm  

Monday 4/24

50 Cap, 6th fl




About CWA 1036

Communications Workers of America Local 1036 represents over 7,000 members and working families in both the public and private sector. Our members excel in a variety of careers working for the State of NJ, the NJ Judiciary, county and municipal government, and the health care industry: blue collar, professionals, administrative, attorneys, scientists, 911 dispatchers, librarians, engineers, nursing home workers, environmental professionals, doctors, and more.

NJ State Contracts

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