NEW! Unemployment Frequently Asked Questions

CWA has compiled the most frequently asked questions we are hearing from members who filed for furlough unemployment. Please readthese FAQsbefore reaching out for assistance.

CWA is offering assistance to Members ONLY who have questions about filing their Unemployment Insurance Claim. Please fill outthis formbelow and a CWA Unemployment Insurance Specialist will contact you to assist you.If your questions are not answered in the FAQs and Guidance on Filing for UI documents, you can proceed with filling out this form.


See:Guidance on filing for Unemployment Benefits for Furloughed State Workers

  • Note: If you already filed a claim, do not refile.
  • Note: Regardless of where you live, you file your unemployment claim with the NJ Department of Labor. UI claims are filed in the state where you work, not the state where you live.

Friday, July 3 will remain a paid holiday.Furloughs scheduled before or after that day willnotaffect holiday pay. Furloughs should be scheduled with this in mind.


See:Suspending your Pension Loan Under the CARES Act