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CWA Supports a $500 Billion Rescue Fund for State and Local Governments currently under negotiations in Congress.

Do you?  

Senator Menendez (NJ - D) and Senator Cassidy (LA -R ) are sponsoring a bill for a $500 billion fund for state and local governments. The bill is supported by both Republican and Democratic governors all over the country. 

STATES, COUNTIES AND MUNICIPALITIES need this budget assistance to prevent reduction in public services

Please send an email to your Member of Congress and tell them to sponsor and support this bill.  

Don't delay! Act now. 

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Communications Workers of America Local 1036 represents over 7,800 members and working families in both the public and private sector. Our members excel in a variety of careers working for the State of NJ, the NJ Judiciary, Burlington County, Hunterdon County, many other county and municipal government groups, blue collar, clerical, professionals, administrative, attorneys, scientists, 911 dispatchers, librarians, engineers, nursing home workers, environmental professionals, and more.