July 30, 2020


To:       CWA 1036 State Executive Branch Membership


Although CWA state executive branch members completed the July furlough period, many unemployment claims remain open and unresolved. We have been assisting hundreds of members with claim questions and problems, both directly through the Local and through CWA National. The reality is that there is an overwhelming number of members requesting help. The Union is responding as quickly as possible and providing direct advice where we can.


If you have a UI problem, you should contact DOL directly for the fastest resolution. Having sorted through over 1,000 requests to the National and more than that to Local 1036, we have a handle on the common problem areas and confidently say to everyone - if your claim is "pending," you must speak to DOL to have them adjudicate the claim. We know this is frustrating, but it is the process to follow. 


In almost every case, you must make direct contact with DOL to resolve claim problems. We know DOL is swamped with claims and helplines fill quickly, but calling and re-calling until you speak to a DOL agent is truly the only way to resolve your claim problem.  Even with CWA guidance, almost all members still ultimately have to contact DOL directly for a resolution. CWA cannot process or adjudicate a UI claim issue and Local staff cannot resolve it on your behalf with DOL.


If your claim status shows as “Pending,” then you need to contact DOL directly.

Below are common reasons for a claim to be pending for more than a few days:

  • Claimed holiday pay received for 7/3. DOL needs to confirm this was holiday pay only and not any other kind of pay.
  • Changed the address or manually entered the address for your employer.
  • Claimed secondary income from another source.
  • Entered incorrect wage information during your claim.


Even if your claim status is “Pending” you should try to certify benefits every week.

  • Use the link nj.gov to “Certify for Weekly Benefits.”
  • You will create a PIN the first time you certify.
  • If you receive an email from e-Adjudication, you still must respond with the requested information.


If you missed certifying for a week of furloughs in the past, you must contact DOL directly. Only DOL can help you certify for a prior week (back date).  


If you have a problem of potential UI fraud, could not create an account, or had a problem actually creating a claim, CWA National might be able to help with background information. You still may have to call DOL directly.



  • Northern NJ Region: 201-601-4100
  • Central NJ Region: 732-761-2020
  • Southern NJ Region: 856-507-2340
  • Out of State claims: 888-795-6672 (you must call from a phone with out of state area code)



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