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NJ State Executive Branch


(Contract in effect 7/1/2019 - 6/30/2023)


NJ State Judiciary


Full Text of the new 2020-2024 Contracts will be posted in early 2021. 


NJ Judiciary Members Special Open Enrollment for Health Benefits

Judiciary members in the JCAU Support Staff units and Professional NonCase Related (PNCR) unit recently approved new contracts, and part of those new contracts was a special open enrollment in 2021 so members can select from the current HMO, current Tiered Network or a NEW PPO Plan that reduces our paycheck contributions for healthcare.

These negotiated changes to our healthcare lower our overall costs without sacrificing our high quality benefits.  

Therefore, there will be a Special Open Enrollment period for Judiciary union members from March 15 through March 25.  The changes will become effective on April 24. 

JCAU and CWA-PNCR are coordinating informational meetings with our members. Stay tuned for more information and large group meetings via conference call/Teams/Zoom prior to open enrollment. 

Here are the headlines:

The NEW PPO Plan for CWA members is called "CWA Unity Direct PPO." The NEW PPO Plan for JCAU members in AFSCME, IFPTE, OPEIU, and Teamsters will be called "NJ Direct / NJ Direct 2019." All these NEW PPO Plans are identical - they just have different names to denote which union group you are in. 

The NEW PPO Plans have lower employee contribution rates than the current NJDirect 15 plan. Remember, "chapter 78" set a mandatory contribution level from each paycheck unless we bargained something different in our contract. We did just that - negotiated a plan with lower contributions coming from each paycheck but protected the same national network and high quality coverage. 

There are no changes to the current Horizon HMO or Horizon Omnia plans (except lower member contributions for Omnia as well). 

What will happen during Special Open Enrollment:

If you are currently enrolled in NJ Direct 15, NJ Direct 15/25 or NJ Direct 2030 and you do nothing during special open enrollment, you will be automatically enrolled in the NEW PPO Plan for your union.

If you are currently enrolled in the Horizon HMO or Horizon Omnia plans, you will not be impacted unless you elect to make a change during this open enrollment period.

The special open enrollment period is scheduled to allow all members to consider switching into the NEW PPO from the HMO or Omnia, or if they have NJDirect to consider changing to the HMO or Omnia. 

We cannot add or change dependents during this special open enrollment. This is to allow a plan selection only. 


The NEW PPO Plans ("CWA Unity" and "NJ Direct") have the same Horizon network of doctors, hospitals, specialists, and other providers as the current NJ Direct Plans. We negotiated the NEW PPO Plan to mirror the NJDirect 15 plan, so if your doctor accepts NJ Direct now, there is no change for you with the NEW PPO Plan. 

Detailed Information:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions answering the most commonly asked questions about the NEW PPO Plan and open enrollment process
  2. Member Contribution Comparison Chart - shows the differences in employee contribution cost between the available plans
  3. Plan Comparison Chart - shows all available plans side by side, showing all benefits, copays, etc. 
  4. Member Contribution Rate Chart - shows how you can calculate your exact annual contribution costs based on your salary


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